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Incident Response and Forensic Audit

Case Study: Cybersecurity

Client Challenge

After the immediate incident response procedures to assess and contain a ransomware attack had been completed, the Chief Information Officer of a mid-size property development corporation was left with one nagging question: How did this attacker get through the cybersecurity monitoring system? The company had hired a very reputable security firm to set up and monitor their network and host had based security. These systems should not only have detected the attack and stopped it, but also should have provided ample data for the follow up investigation. The company, which did not have a Chief Information Security Officer or any in-house security professionals, had relied on this third party contractor to protect their system, but they lacked the expertise to check their work.

Banyan Solution

Banyan Cyber was asked to investigate the entire network to determine how the breach occurred and provide CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) consulting including monthly check-ins with the IT team to ensure the system was protected moving forward. Our expert cybersecurity professionals discovered the company’s security systems had been improperly deployed two years earlier. The third party contractor had installed the system incorrectly and never once realized it was not functioning properly throughout their two year deployment.

Client Impact

Banyan Cyber guided the in-house IT team as they reconstituted the company’s infrastructure, instituting system-wide security measures, vetting a new monitoring system and verifying its installation, and performing monthly security checks to ensure the client’s critical data and systems were safe from intrusions in the future. With Banyan CISOaaS on call to answer questions and consult on emergent issues, the CIO can now focus on his enterprise level goals while his IT team confidently handles the day to day systems management.


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