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Transactional Due Diligence

Case Study: Intelligence

Client Challenge

A client entrusted a close friend with selling a multi-million dollar residence on their behalf, but the individual was suspected of self-dealing and abusing their position in the sale to act in their own interests. The client believed the friend was behind the purchasing entity and had created sale terms that favored the buyer rather than the seller. An unsuccessful lawsuit cost the client money while providing no insight into the friend’s activities.

Banyan Solution

Banyan conducted transactional due diligence targeting both public and subscription-based county real estate records. Our team dug into all property records associated with the residence in question, the buyer, and the suspicious friend; we looked for unusual activity and connections within a growing web of properties and actors. During the investigation, a document signed by the friend on behalf of the purchasing entity as its owner was discovered and turned over to the client confirming suspicions that the friend was acting in bad faith.

Client Impact

By uncovering an elusive document that linked the friend to the purchasing entity, Banyan confirmed the client’s suspicions. This newfound clarity about the friend’s intentions enabled the client to confidently break ties and avoid further damages.


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