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Event Security Plan and Audit

Case Study: Security Risk Management

Client Challenge

Today, large scale and high-profile events are facing increasingly more complex and deadly threats from a variety of bad actors. Our client came to Banyan during the planning phase for the largest event in their company’s history, to be held at a prominent venue that required managing nine distinct security elements within the same space during a time of heightened domestic terrorism threats. They needed our help to ensure their event security and crisis management plans would integrate the various security providers seamlessly and provide appropriate coverage and contingencies for an event of this magnitude.

Banyan Solution

Banyan employed industry leading security experts to conduct a thorough gap analysis of our client’s existing security plan and coordinate with area civilian and federal security providers. Banyan was onsite for the execution of this prominent event to ensure the client’s internal and external security teams executed to plan. Additionally, Banyan concurrently developed an easily replicable long-term model to ensure cost savings and event success for years to come.

Client Impact

The Banyan team helped develop a comprehensive and integrated security plan that enabled multiple security entities to effectively work together. This ensured the safety of the event’s participants and provided reassurance to the event’s organizers. Banyan’s real-time assessment of the security execution identified and addressed any gaps in security coverage and allowed the various security entities to execute to plan while mitigating the threats as they arose.


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