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Regional Crime Threatens Operations

Case Study: Intelligence

Client Challenge

Criminal activities including extortion, kidnapping, attacks on security forces, and turf wars between criminal organizations threatened a multinational client’s headquarters, manufacturing facilities, and transportation lines. Understanding the dynamic environment was critical for the client to plan daily operations and safety protocols.

Banyan Solution

Banyan gathered data from government and non-government agencies, crime statistics publications, and press reports throughout the region. Using geospatial information services (GIS) to layer the disparate data, Banyan was able to identify hot-spots, display where different criminal actors operated, and characterize spikes in violence associated with groups vying for control in an easily digestible format for the client.

Client Impact

The data visualization executed by Banyan analysts gave the client a current threat picture and the ability to plan company security protocols and improve operational preparedness. Understanding the nature of the violence inside each of the 33 municipalities where the client’s business operated allowed the client to review security measures at headquarters and appropriately plan for the risk when transporting goods and services across the region.


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