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UHNW Sporting Event Security

Case Study: Family Office Services

Client Challenge

An ultra high net worth principal and family attended a prominent national sporting event in Florida. Security was a major concern as the event routinely attracts crowds in excess of 100,000 people. High volumes of people require elaborate emergency response plans from the host committee and a robust law enforcement presence. These layers of security measures can be difficult to navigate alone and divert attention away from enjoying the event and time with family.

Banyan Solution

Banyan provided protection and logistical support so the principal could have a safe and fun evening with their family. Banyan deployed their protective operations team leader to conduct a security review in advance at the venue. The operator interfaced with law enforcement as well as host committee security personnel and established a thorough understanding of the security and emergency response plans in place. At the commencement of the event the operator seamlessly guided the principals through the venue and converging crowds of attendees. At the conclusion of the event, the host committee security guards routed the principals through an alternate exit route, but the advance site survey allowed the operator to quickly navigate them through the venue to their pre-planned departure point.

Client Impact

Banyan enabled the principal and their family to focus on the experience of the event with friends and loved ones, while entrusting their safety and security to the Banyan operations team leader. Using knowledge of the venue from the site survey and relationship with local security staff, Banyan was able to mitigate the client’s exposure to risk in the large crowds and quickly adapt to changes in the security environment. Subsequently, the client has trusted Banyan to deploy its protective procedures and tactics in increasingly challenging operating environments.


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