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Vetting Potential Business Partners

Case Study: Intelligence

Client Challenge

A client was presented with an opportunity to partner with a company that would allow them to quickly expand and scale from domestic to global markets. However, the client lacked insight into the novel company’s alleged experience, infrastructure, and operational capability to ascertain whether to into a partnership.

Banyan Solution

The client’s dedicated Banyan analyst initiated a due diligence investigation into the potential partner company. Employing open-source intelligence tradecraft and methods, the analyst identified multiple discrepancies in the company’s touted capabilities, business holdings, and personnel. A review of business filings, the company’s web presence, and social media platforms revealed a number of false claims. These findings prompted additional scrutiny of the company’s personnel and staff, in which Banyan uncovered that the company was also using fabricated biographies and identities.

Client Impact

Banyan’s due diligence investigation provided timely, actionable intelligence that proved invaluable to the client. Armed with this knowledge, our client was able to make a fully informed decision, choosing not to move forward with the company in question.


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