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Assessing a Harassment Threat

Case Study: Due Diligence

Client Challenge

A charitable foundation began receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown individual. Over the course of a month this man left dozens of angry rambling voicemails, some of which threatened harm against the foundation and its employees. Representatives of the organization reached out to local law enforcement who informed them that there was nothing they could do at that point as the individual lived in another state.

Banyan Solution

Banyan was contacted to provide a threat assessment of the individual leaving the harassing voicemails and offer security recommendations for the foundation. Banyan analysts reviewed the individual’s voicemails, criminal history, and personal records. Using several threat assessments models, we determined that while the voicemails were disturbing, the individual did not pose a physical threat. Banyan communicated this to the foundation and recommended several steps the organization could take to minimize the effect of the harassment and to implement a workplace violence prevention and response plan.

Client Impact

The foundation was comforted to learn that they were not dealing with a physical security threat. With the peace of mind provided by the new workplace violence prevention and response plan, the foundation was able to feel secure in continuing to operate in support of local charities.


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